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If you've ever tried to make a claim on a life policy or income protection insurance policy, you'll know what a minefield it can be. From digging through the fine print to navigating a complex claim process, it's enough to make some people give up before they've even started.

At NZ Assurance Group, we specialise in long term insurance advice and support. From the initial set up process through to claim time and into your golden years, we're here to make sure that your insurance suits your circumstances and is there when you need it most. Whatever type of insurance you go for – a life policy, income protection or something in between – you can dive head first into living life in the Bay of Plenty and beyond, knowing that you're covered if something goes wrong.

Each of our insurance advisors are registered with the NZ Financial Authority, so you know that you're getting advice from a qualified, reputable professional.

The consultation process

Once you've booked your appointment, one of our insurance advisors will make a time to come and meet with you in person for free. We'll review your current insurance, figure out what you're covered for, and talk about what you need for the future.

We'll then come back to you with some recommendations on different life policies or income protection policies available. We'll present an overview of the total cost of your insurance over 20 years, so you won't get any nasty surprises at renewal time, and talk you through the fine print of each option.

If you need medical insurance, rural and business insurance, mortgage protection or trauma policies, these can be set up at the same time.

What will it cost me?

Nothing! We are paid a commission by the insurer once your chosen policy or policies have taken effect. Because we're paid the same by each insurer we work with, we're not biased towards one or two insurers. That means we're motivated to do the best by you and your family.

We know how appealing the Bay of Plenty lifestyle is – that's why we chose to live here too! We're more than happy to work with you to find a time to meet up – including after hours and weekends. Book your consultation today and let's get started.

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“NZAG helped to make the process of getting insurance easy & affordable. We shopped around with different providers but found that NZAG came back with the best cover at an affordable premium."

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