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If you’ve ever tried to make a claim on an insurance policy, you’ll know what a minefield it can be. From digging through the fine print to navigating a complex claim process, it’s enough to make some people give up before they’ve even started.

At NZ Assurance Group, we specialise in long term insurance advice and support. Our particular specialty is life policies and income protection, but we can advise on all types of insurance. From the initial set up process through to claim time and into your golden years, we’re here to make sure that your insurance suits your circumstances and is there when you need it most.

Types of insurance available:

We have solid working relationships with several different insurers across the Bay of Plenty. Whatever your unique insurance needs, we can find a combination that will work, including:

  • Trauma policies – ensuring that you and your family receive a lump sum benefit or regular income in the event of a serious illness or injury.
  • Life policies – making sure that your family won't be dealing with financial stress when you pass away.
  • Income protection – ensuring that you can maintain your current lifestyle even if you're unable to work.
  • Mortgage protection – making sure that your family's biggest asset is protected for the long term.
  • Medical insurance - providing cover for a range of illnesses and routine medical appointments.
  • Rural and business insurance – ensuring that your farm or business can continue operating after a natural disaster or significant loss event.

Paying your premiums

We specialise in level cover, where your premiums stay the same for the life of your policy. This is because the agreed premiums are locked in with your provider – meaning you know what you're paying from year to year.

So many people give up their life policy or income protection insurance because of rising premiums, and in doing so don't ever claim on the service they have paid for. Don't leave yourself vulnerable at a time when you need insurance more than ever.

Support at claims time

When it comes time to make a claim – whether it’s life policies, income protection or any other insurance policy you hold – our insurers advisors are there with you every step of the way. We can advocate on your behalf with the insurance company and assist you with understanding the paperwork requirements needed to progress your claim.

Whatever insurance option you go for – life policies, income protection or something else – you can rest assured that we’re working for you over the long term. Click here to book your FREE, no obligation consultation today.

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"Reviewing my insurance policies with NZAG was a lot smoother than we initially anticipated. We really appreciated Dan’s professionalism & personable nature. He was able to provide affordable tailor-made recommendations that suited our family."

Corey & Shannon