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NZ Assurance Group - Bay of Plenty Insurance

Have you ever spent hours getting the right life policies or income protection insurance, only to then cancel that policy at renewal time because the premiums have skyrocketed?

Or maybe your broker has been great to deal with during the sales process, but then won’t answer their phone when you want to make a claim?

NZ Assurance Group are the Bay of Plenty’s own insurance advisory specialists. We’re known for honest, common sense insurance advice and support that works for individuals and families over the long term.

Upfront plans and costs

We’re not interested in selling you life policies that end up prohibitively expensive, or income protection policies that can never be claimed. We show you what a policy will cost over 20 years upfront, so you can make an informed choice about what’s affordable for you and your family.

Support at claim time

We’ll help you out when you need to make a claim, and we’ll always prioritise client satisfaction over sales. When something’s gone wrong, the last thing you need to do is stress over your insurance, so we’ll backing you up at claim time to get you what you deserve (after all, you’ve paid for it!)

Comprehensive advice

We’re not just experts on life policies or income protection – we’re also able to source medical insurance, rural and business insurance, mortgage protection and trauma policies for our clients. If you and your family feel you need it, we’ll provide no-nonsense, down to earth advice to make it happen.

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Based in the Bay of Plenty, we service clients as close as Tauranga and as far afield as Auckland.

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